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  1. Question 1 Which of the following is one way to apply the listening process to the DECIDE tool? Answer Hearing words from the audience during the communication process Comments Correct!! Max Score: 1 Actual Score: 1 Question 2 What type of listening would be used if Jim was trying to determine his employees' opinions on new healthcare coverage? Answer Precision listening Comments The correct.
  2. The belief that one's own culture, including its beliefs, values and practices is superior to others is Ethnocentrism While visiting Thailand, Malo rethinks generalizations he has heard about Thai culture and finds himself observing a multitude of reasons for different behaviors exhibited by the locals.
  3. Step. Instructions. Points Possible. 1. Start Access. Open the file named exploring_acap_grader_a1_pupsuppterganpgnosesanhatmenemarpedd.coinfo Save the database as exploring_acap_grader_a1_StudentLoans_LastFirst. 0. 2. Create a table in the database by importing the downloaded tab-delimited text file named Loans_pupsuppterganpgnosesanhatmenemarpedd.coinfo Use the first row of the file as field names, .
  4. Question: As You Finish Listening To Your Favorite Compact Disc (CD), The CD In The Player Slows Down To A Stop. Assume That The CD Spins Down With A Constant Angular Acceleration. A) If The CD Rotates Clockwise (let's Take Clockwise Rotation As Positive) At rpm (revolutions Per Minute) While The Last Song Is Playing, And Then Spins Down To Zero Angular Speed.
  5. If the audio player above doesn't work, click here to download the audio file. 1. The customer's name is Memzies Nenzies Menzies Minzies. 2. His phone number is 3. His customer number is 4. The order number is GH
  6. 2. one conversation at a time/undivided attention 3. ask questions, but not interrupt 4. empathize with the person speaking 5. show interest 6. evaluate facts and evidence (critically) 7. react to ideas, not the speaker 8. think about what is not said 9. pay attention to how things are said.
  7. During active listening, the listening party engages fully with the talking party, rephrasing and repeating what the talking party has said and asking questions for clarification. Question 2 8 / 8 pts With acknowledgement, there’s the risk that this style may send an erroneous message that the .
  8. Underneath the header are two columns: a narrow one on the left (no more than one-third of the page) and a wide one on the right. The wide column, called the “notes” column, takes up most of the page and is used to capture your notes using any of the methods outlined earlier.

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